1Can I roast smaller / larger quantities?
The roasters are optimized for the numbers given. According to our experience, smaller quantities (e.g. 100g on HB-M6 roaster) may provide good results. We highly recommend not to roast larger quantities than the numbers stated on our website and the user manual.
2How are your roasters powered?
Our HB-M6 model has two versions: for gas M6G an electric M6E. Our HB-L2 roaster is powered by gas. You can use a gas cylinder or may connect it to your facility gas.
3Do I need to take any precautions for gas powered roasters?
Depending on your country, please check with your local authorities if you need additional approval for gas powered roasters. In any case, you should always have a fire extinguisher nearby when roasting coffee.
4Can I inspect your roasters before buying?
You're welcome to visit our warehouse in Germany to inspect our roasters. We do have our roasters HB-M6 and HB-L2 set up in our showroom. Because we do only ship new products, you can try your own roaster after purchasing.
5How can I change the airflow?
Airflow can be adjusted smoothly using the turntable.
6Can I change the speed of the drum?
Yes. The drum speed can be adjusted smoothly.
7Can I adjust the heat?
Yes. The heat can be adjusted smoothly using the gas pressure. You can use the gas pressure display to check the current pressure.
8Is the drum coated?
Yes. The drum is nanocoated for better heat distribution.
9How long does roasting take?
With HB Roasters you can roast according to SCA standard (7-9 minutes) and traditional long run roasting (18-22 minutes) is also possible.
10Is a roasting cyclone included?
Yes. All of our roasters include a roasting cyclone to collect chaff.
11Which sensors/displays does the roaster have?
The roaster has one sensor for bean temperature and one for airflow. In addition, the roasters have a display for gas pressure and a timer.
12Can I use roasting software?
Yes. Our roasters have USB sockets and Bluetooth to connect your PC or Mac. The roasters work with Artisan and Cropster software. You can use these programs to create roasting profiles for larger roasters.
13Which colors do you offer?
We offer our HB-M6 roaster in black, white and red color. The other roasters are aluminium/black.

Shipping & Billing

1How long does shipping usually take?
You may pick up our roaster at one of our warehouses or we ship it to your door. Shipping usually takes about 10-14 days.
2How do you ship?
Within Europe, we ship to your door. You do not need to care about delivery or customs. You will get a fixed price for our products including delivery to your destination. Ourside of Europe it depends on your country. Just ask us!